Since America’s earliest days, apples have been prized for their spirit-making qualities. Back then, hard cider was a cleaner alternative to water, so our ancestors were making and drinking plenty. But cider wasn’t strong enough for them, so they decided to take it one step further. Through a process known as ‘jacking’, these innovative imbibers created a spirit known as Applejack. Thus, discovering what is often called the original American spirit.

Here in New York, we produce some of the finest apples in the country – perhaps the world, and every year Barking Irons Spirits sources some of the best in the state to make our Applejack. 

Served in a variety of proofs and styles, it’s the perfect spirit for a fan of fine American Applejack, or the curious drinker seeking something new.




Our NY Bar Pledge

As we watch the rest of the country have to shut down their bars, again, we wanted to make a simple message for our friends in the bar community to share with their patrons: we'll do our part if you do yours.


Not only a call to action to wear a mask and practice safe social distancing measures, we also wanted to ensure that each account that carries Barking Irons practices a zero-tolerance policy for homophobia, racism, and any type of discrimination. 

Show your fellow New Yorkers that you care. Love and treat others as you'd expect to be treated, wear a mask, and tip your friendly neighborhood bar team as generously as you're able. 

Introducing Our New 80-Proof Clear Applejack for Summer

At Barking Irons, we’ve always loved New York, especially in the summer. However, when we set out to make our new, 80-proof, clear applejack – made from 100% New York apples, and warm-weather ready – we thought we’d be heading into a summer that looks a lot different than this one. 

As so many of our fellow New Yorkers risk their lives every day to keep us safe, we wanted to find a way to give back. The EMS FDNY Help Fund is an organization that’s making a direct difference in the lives of New Yorkers by ensuring the security of our Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics and their families in the event of death, injury, illness or hardship and we’ll be donating 50% of every case sold through July 4th to help fund their work. 


Shop local and support your fellow New Yorkers. 

Our Zoom bar

We miss being out at all of our favorite bars as much as you do. So we recreated our office bar as a Zoom background. Use it in your next virtual happy hour to feel like you've left the apartment this week. 

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